Hello world! site build process

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Ahh Jekyll, the flat site generator with Liquid templating and all that. This website was such a challenge (quite a leap from Wordpress PHP devleopment) yet it’s here online! The world sure is great.


AWS Cloud9 is a great! Much better than a VM. Terminal access! It was quite easy to setup with Github too. Note: This website is best viewed on Chrome ~Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)~ as of build date :b.

Wireframe Sketches

I thought to intergrate the contact page here and have #ID link just jump to that section (like clicking on Wikipedia’s index links). Having to take a self portrait seems a bit troublesome, so #2 has a placeholder image of cartoon trenchcoat cats. Love it. #4 has a massive silouette of WA in the background, though it may get a bit too distracting?