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Road safety is more fun in augmented reality! Imagine a bus on fire..


Purpose & Objective: A child road safety application prototype to be utilised at a physical location in Perth. While a class of year 1-7 students is supervised by a teacher the app quizzes children on the appropriate actions for some road safety scenarios.

Approach: This was a group project with: Joyce (project manager), Shawn (lead Unity dev), Toby (unity dev), William (research, copywriter) and me (design, unity dev). Supervised by Artur.

Project duration: 2/3rds of a semester, about 8 weeks, SCRUM sprint weekly meetings between members, two meetings between stakeholders

View the publication online

UX Process

Research: Written by Will

Ideation, Wireframe & Design A flow diagram was first created to layout the exact scenario. Then the application’s UI was prototyped in Unity by me, AR functionality by Shawn.

Unity demo UI screenshots

Intro Video

Animated by me in Clip Studio Paint & After Effects


thumbnail v1  
thumbnail v1
thumbnail v2  
thumbnail v2