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Global Cinema Network - prototype app design, & mockup branding. Made with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Zeplin.


Purpose & Objective:

A new startup would like to have an app. Their business allows people to find movies across all cinemas worldwide. Users can search for movies and find the movie they are looking for. They can watch a trailer of that movie and see where the movie is playing and even buy a ticket to one of those sessions. […]

[Screens required]

  • Launch screen
  • Login/sign-up with Facebook and Google
  • List screen - allowing user to see list of movies that are nearby and a search function
  • Detail screen - allowing user to view details about that movie, view trailer, purchase elements
  • Purchase screen - allowing a user to enter their credit card details to purchase tickets

[Additional requirements: app bar at the bottom]

– Brief provided by Apps People Perth.


Drew a diagram, then moved to Zeplin for ‘production’ Flow diagram Zeplin project


Global Cinema Network - prototype app design